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12 Well-Paying Jobs Without Training 2023

12 Well-Paying Jobs Without Training 2023

Jobs without training but with good pay? Studying or vocational training actually opens the door to jobs that pay better. However, there are also well-paid jobs without training: professions in which you do not have to have any special training and can still receive a high wage. The following jobs offer attractive compensation without training. And at the very end, we’ll show you which unskilled job can earn you the most money under the right conditions.

01. Promoter:

As a promoter, you promote a product, a company or even a social organization.

Classic activities as a promoter include distributing advertising materials such as flyers and vouchers in pedestrian zones, shopping centers or at festivals. For social organizations, promoters go into inner cities looking for passers-by willing to donate .

There is no “training to become a promoter”, but it is important that you enjoy approaching other people and have a certain sales talent . You should also have no problem working outside in wind and weather for long periods of time.

Promoters often work during the day, but for special events such as concerts or festivals, some jobs may require nighttime work.

Bonus tip

  • There is actually always a need for promoters, demand is particularly high in spring and summer .

02. Assembly Helper – Production Helper:

Assembly and production assistants work in the manufacturing industry, including in the electronics industry, vehicle construction or mechanical engineering.

As an assembly assistant, you support assembly processes, for example the assembly of production machines or the assembly of products such as vehicles or machine parts.

Working as a furniture fitter for a furniture store or a job as a moving helper also fall under the term “assembly helper”.

Working as an assembly and production assistant can, like other jobs in the manufacturing industry, be physically demanding in some cases .

The work environment may be loud and dirty. Often the same work step has to be carried out over and over again.

In return, there is often attractive pay of up to €3,200 per month (as a production assistant) or €3,320 (as an assembly assistant) .

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Bonus tip

  • Assembly helpers are wanted all year round. Job offers are available regardless of the season.

03. Sales Representative:

Sales employees are among the most important employees in any company because they are responsible for selling the products and services offered to customers .

Are you wondering how to become a sales representative ? Many sales employees have training, for example in the commercial sector, or have a degree.

However, even as a career changer, i.e. as a sales employee without training, you have a chance of getting a job in sales.

Then it is helpful, among other things, if you already have experience in sales. As a salesperson, you also have to be good with people and be able to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are talking to.

04. Garbage Collector:

As a garbage collector, also known colloquially as a garbage man, you are responsible for waste disposal and, among other things, empty garbage cans.

Training is not necessary to work as a garbage worker, but employers would like to have a truck driver’s license that entitles you to drive a garbage truck.

Garbage worker is a well-paid profession that, regardless of the season , always offers opportunities for career changers who have no problem working in garbage disposal.

Bonus tip

  • There are often particularly good earning opportunities for garbage workers at municipal waste disposal companies.

05. Professional Drivers:

As a professional driver, you transport a wide variety of loads throughout Europe with a truck.

Most of your time on the job will be spent behind the wheel and on roads and parking lots. So if you enjoy traveling (week-long trips are quite common in some areas), working as a professional driver is the right choice for you.

Although there is training to become a professional driver, it is also possible to start a job without this training .

Bonus tip

  • The only requirement to become a professional driver is a truck driver’s license, which may also be paid for by your employer.

06. Taxi Driver:

To work as a taxi driver, no training in the traditional sense is necessary, but you must meet a number of requirements before you can transport your first passenger:

  • a car driving license
  • two years of driving experience
  • a so-called “passenger transport license”: the prerequisite for this is, among other things, a police certificate of good conduct.
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You must also receive a medical report confirming your suitability as a taxi driver.

You must also complete a so-called “local knowledge test” and of course you must also have a suitable vehicle for the job .

As a taxi driver, you are either employed by a taxi company or self-employed . As a self-employed person, you enjoy more freedom in your work, but you also have to take care of additional things such as insurance.

Taxi drivers should be good with people and be willing to work at night and on weekends.

Bonus tip

  • In addition to your normal earnings, as a taxi driver you can earn extra money from tips from your passengers.

07. Babysitters:

A job as a babysitter is more diverse than it first appears:

You look after one or more children, sometimes even overnight.

In addition to keeping the children busy, you may also be responsible for preparing meals, taking them to events outside the home, or reading them bedtime stories .

You also need to know what to do in an emergency, for example if the child shows symptoms of illness .

The prerequisite for working as a babysitter is, of course, that you enjoy looking after children and, ideally, already have experience in this area.

No specific professional training is required, but there are courses for aspiring babysitters , which are offered by placement agencies, among others.

Furthermore, reliability, punctuality and a great sense of responsibility are further requirements to be able to work as a babysitter.

You should also find out about useful insurance before you start your work.

Babysitting jobs are often found through agencies. In many cases, babysitters are self-employed.

08. Dog Sitter:

If you love dogs, working as a dog sitter is perfect for you! Dogs are one of the most popular pets in Germany and it is no surprise that many dog ​​owners are looking for a dog sitter who can look after their four-legged friend.

Some care jobs are limited to a walk, but dogsitters are also needed to look after one or more dogs overnight or for several days .

Bonus tip

  • Before you start as a dog sitter, you should find out about possible useful insurance for this activity.

If you work as a self-employed dog sitter, there are also other requirements that must be observed, for example the preparation of a tax return.

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09. Service Worker in the Catering Industry:

The catering industry is always looking for new workers, especially in the area of ​​service staff. Special training for these jobs, which are often colloquially referred to as “ waiters ,” is not necessary.

Bonus tip

  • The guaranteed earnings as a waitress in the catering industry are usually not particularly high, but they can be increased significantly through tips.

The prerequisite for becoming a waiter is a friendly demeanor towards guests , even when things get stressful. When working in the catering industry, you often work evenings and weekends.

10. Tour Guide & Other Travel Industry Jobs:

Do you know your city or region very well and are sociable? Then the job of tourist guide could be just the thing for you!

Here you guide tourists on fixed tours, for example through the old town or introduce them to local specialties.

No training is required to get started as a tour guide. However, you should be very familiar with your city and region and enjoy introducing other people to it.

Knowledge of English can also be helpful in getting a job as a tourist guide.

Tipping can make up a large portion of your earnings as a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide.

11. Jobs in Online Marketing: Influencers and Co:

There are a number of jobs in online marketing that do not require any professional training.

Recently, influencers in particular have received a lot of attention, although, contrary to numerous critical voices, influencer can actually be a serious independent activity if implemented correctly.

Building a career as an influencer takes time. You should also be happy to present yourself in front of a camera, have a trustworthy appearance and, ideally, have a topic for which there is an audience.

12. Entrepreneurs and Freelancers:

Become self-employed! Have you always dreamed of your own café or want to get started as an independent designer? To do this, you “just” have to take the step into self-employment.

The possible career paths are particularly diverse and vocational training is of course not a requirement – after all, you are your own boss here .

Bonus tip

  • Self-employment also has the greatest potential for high income, as you can earn up to €143,410 annually.

As a self-employed person, you have a lot of freedom, but also obligations; after all, you take care of all aspects of your professional activity on your own.

Help, advice and sometimes even financial support on the way to self-employment are available from the employment agency and the chambers of industry and commerce .

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